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Marion City Council

The Marion City Council is the City's legislative body, with the power to enact and enforce all ordinances and resolutions. Two of the four Council members are elected every two years by the city at large.

The four members of Council, along with the Mayor, take action by ordinance, resolution or motion. They adopt and may alter the annual budget and confirm the Mayor's appointments. The Council is responsible for the appropriation and issuance of bonds, the awarding of contracts and the approval of City expenditures. Council may lease or dispose of the City's real estate and may levy assessments against property. City Council Meetings are held every other Monday at 4:30pm in the City Council Meeting Room at 203 N. Third Street. City Council Meetings are open to the public.

The Marion City Council positions held by Councilman Dieter and Councilwoman If you are interested in serving Marion in an elected office, please see our "Running for Office" page.

Councilman Gerald D. (Jerry) Kline

Councilman Kline was reelected to the Marion City Council for the third time in April of 2014.
Councilman Kline serves as the Community Liaison for Public Works and Utilities.

Contact information:

222 S. Lincoln
Home: 620-382-2298
Cell:  620-381-4669

Councilman Chris Costello

Councilman Chris Costello was elected to the Marion City Council in April of 2016.
Councilman Costello serves as the Community Liaison for Public Safety

Contact information:

Councilman John Wheeler

Councilman John Wheeler was appointed to the Marion City Council in May of 2016.
Councilman Wheeler serves as the Community Liaison for Economic Development and Land Use.

Councilwoman Melissa Mermis

Councilwoman Melissa Mermis was reelected for a second term in April 2016.
Councilwoman Mermis serves as the Community Liaison for Parks & Recreation.
Councilwoman Mermis alsp serves as the Vice Mayor, taking on the duties of the Mayor in his absence.